Population Control

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Time has come now to take appropriate measures by the poor people to make their and their next generation's future bright. It is the must duty of each and every person to stop population growth. For this every family should not produce more than one child per family.

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The Rich are Becoming More Richer

Posted by Paritosh | 1:15 AM

Have you ever thought why the rich are becoming more richer. Actually they are depriving the poor from their basic needs, they stock all necessary goods essential for the poor and then sell at much higher prices and make huge profit. While the poor have no choice, the poor are compelled to buy at higher prices. The Govts too support the rich cause the govt is of people only who have so large expenses , to meet which the govt taxes ich, so it is a win win situation for both the govt and the rich people.
The poor people have no choice.

Now to create awareness among poor, to tell the poor people that actual strenght lies in the poor people, not the rich.

Some Hard Facts

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Resources in India are vanishing very fast.

Measures people can take

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The world is very big yet the poverty is never decreasing. The main cause is the greed. The greed of the humans is very vast. people want more and more. more children, more space, more houses, more food and everything more and more and more. this causes the humans to have tendency to save more for the future. Whereas in the modern era all should try to have less burden on earth, so that more will be available for all. when more will be

available for all then the need to store more and desire more will be automatically stopped. All should marry after attaining age of 25 and try to have child after age of thirty. this will to some extent limit the growth of the population.

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the governments of nearly all countries follow capitalist policy i.e. they also help money to be centralised in very few hands.
this helps poverty to increase.
If the goverments charge more for more income then it will be more convenient for the poor to survive.

Listen to me all my friends

Posted by Paritosh | 4:17 AM

I really want to do something useful fior the society but cannot find a way. I will be greatly happy if someone shows me how to achieve all this and what way i should adopt for this.
I would like to ask all fellow men and women to join and support me in this noble cause.